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We recognize that having access to timely and accurate payroll and HR information is crucial for clients to maintain a competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment.

Outsourcing Services Malaysia

We provide clients with a Total Payroll & HR Outsourcing services in Malaysia. By outsourcing their payroll & HR function to us, organizations tap a core competency of Trinity. This will undoubtedly enable them to achieve the sought after improvements in operational performance.


We provide customized payroll & HR outsourcing services to help our clients to:


  • Free up management from administrative and regulatory tasks to focus on maximising the revenue of the business and enhance your business value.

  • Utilize established external infrastructure, without the upfront costs.

  • Replace current fixed cost structure with a variable cost arrangement which is directly linked to business requirements.

  • Improve back-office performance through the use of service management framework.



Our team of energetic and resourceful HR professionals with solid and extensive experience in all areas of HR and general management and HR operations are able to deliver the following comprehensive range of outsourcing services in Malaysia include:

Payroll Outsourcing Services

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Let us take care of your monthly payroll needs. Comes with:

  • Monthly Payroll Summary Report

  • Employee Payslips

  • Reconciliation Report

  • Various Reports Upon Request

  • Salary and Statutory Body Payment Files or All Local Banks

HR Outsourcing

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More than 20 years of HR experience, ranging from SMEs to Public Listed companies. Our services will include:

  • Industrial Relations

  • Employee Relations

  • Drafting of Employee Handbook

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Performance Management System

Business Process Outsourcing

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Improve your business efficiency with our experts that have over 10 years of experience across various industries. Services include:

  • Compliance Review

  • Internal Audit

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Internal Control

  • Enterprise Risk Management

Why Trinity?

When you partner with the strongest provider, you get the best outcome, and no hidden costs or unforeseen risks.

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