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Business Process Outsourcing

We often get asked, what tasks can be outsourced? The answer is simple, any task that is facilitated by office staff where staff are not required to have face to face meetings can be outsourced.

Business Process Outsourcing Malaysia​

Cost Effective.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the method of outsourcing some or all of your back-house business processes to a third-party like Trinity Services. We look after all of the incoming business documents and convert them into data that you can use.


We take the manual processing out of your office and propose a range of service-level driven solutions to save your company time and resources while ensuring your procedures are run as efficiently as possible.


Whether you are going through a period of growth, don’t have the resources at your disposal or need to free up your team, outsourcing your business documents to us results in immediate benefits for your organisation.

Why BPO?

The decision to outsource usually comes from the need to lower costs, expand your team without moving to larger offices, improve efficiency or the re-allocation of resources within a company. Outsourcing enables companies to redirect their attention to income generating activities and leave the back-office administrative work to your offshore employees.


Other benefits are:


  • Recruitment is expensive and time consuming, offshoring takes care of the recruitment and selection.

  • If you are thinking of putting on a “sales person to increase revenue or office staff to cope with the increasing work load”, then offshoring can provide both.

  • Increased profits by saving between 40% to 65% on local salaries.

  • Save on office space and local infrastructure.

  • Focus your efforts generating more sales.

  • Expand your employees and team offshore.

Why Outsource to Trinity?

Trinity Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) division has over 10-years of business process outsourcing experience. Our company manages, directs and controls the outsourcing work with over 50 clients based in Malaysia.


At Trinity, we are uniquely differentiated in the industry as a BPO provider with an accounting, payroll and HR practice discipline and background. This makes us your ideal BPO partner in Malaysia, especially for SME and Public Listed companies in Malaysia.


Therefore, our clients find in us the winning blend of technical expertise, integrity, efficiency and service excellence.


Our comprehensive support for businesses includes the following:


  • Data entry

  • Document scanning & conversion

  • Data capture and conversion

  • Data automation

  • Call Centre services

  • Accounting document automation

  • IT Solutions

Trinity commitment to you

  • Our processes are compliant with Malaysia Data Protection Legislation.

  • We agree upon a mutually achievable time for your information to be processed, and we meet it.

  • We tailor our services specifically to your business needs.

  • You will always receive the highest level of personalised support.

Let's discuss your needs

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